About Us

About Us

Heeding Calls by the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for Foreign Direct Investments, the Zeberced Group in 2007 has decided to invest in Nigeria in the fields of mining and construction.With our experiences gained over the years in Quarry business in Turkey, we built our first Concrete and Asphalt Plants. In 2011 Zeberced Furniture was founded with a wide range of products from domestic and office to kitchen furniture; in addition to door production.

“What can we do for a better future?” This is our starting point. We aimed at becoming a company that will provide not only better services but the best. We are a progressive and quality focused company that renews itself in accordance with expectations of need of the society and most importantly global best practices.

At Zeberced Group, we always attach importance to progressive targets at all levels from our top executives to other cadre of our employees. With this belief and determination, we have moved forward without deviating from our aim. The Zeberced Group will continue to partner like mind towards the development of our immediate consistency; Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

We at Zeberced Group express our gratitude to all our business partners and sincerely look forward to many successes with the support and cooperation of our teeming clients who continuously believe in the Zeberced brand.

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