Park Amenities

Abuja Industrial Park will consist of two separate phases: An Industrial Zone and a Free Trade Zone.

There will be a subsidiary industrial section inside the Industrial Zone, covering an approximate area of 100.000 m2. This area will serve small sized enterprises which serve the main producers, bigger sized enterprises, inside Abuja Industrial Park. The Productions and services within this "Light Industry Park" will cover a wide range from spare parts production to maintenance operations.

Trade centers will be trade centers available to all investors and traders for performing their trade operations respectively

Governmental incentives pay a vital role for promoting production in Abuja Industrial Park. Starting from the inception of the industrial park idea, and still continuing as of today, the Manaagement Committee of Abuja Industrial Park is therefore following up on this issue at the Federal Government. The goal of this effort is to make it possible for AIP's potential investors to establish their production facilities inside AIP.

Thanks to the train station and main road connections in AIP, produced goods can easily be sent to the Lagos Port and other parts of the Country.

A heliport area will be built for customers in urgent need of quick transportation.

Inside Abuja Industrial Park there will be utility services for the members; such as ambulance, firefighting and security services.

7/24 intervention to infrastructure and superstructure failures

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